The Accumulator is a unique fitness plan devised by expert coach Paul Mumford. It's a series of month long workouts that start easy but get tougher as you become fitter. The whole plan comes with the added benefit of personal coaching and support throughout. You will also be an active part of a team across the UK who take part with you and support you. It's like a having a DVD, a personal trainer and a workout class rolled into one.

The real strength of The Accumulator is its ability to fit into even the busiest of lifestyles. You can take it anywhere as you are working only with your own body weight. This is the oldest and best form of resistance training there is as there are plenty of ways to keep it challenging and you don't need to buy any expensive equipment or be a member of a gym. You already have all the equipment you need. It's also practical as you can do it at any time of the day, whenever suits you best.

The Accumulator plan works on a high intensity interval training model that's both strength and aerobic based. This method of exercise has many proven benefits. It works to elevate your heart rate periodically which encourages your body to use fat stores for energy whilst working to increase your muscle mass. There are also many exercises built into The Accumulator that have practical applications and help you move and function better in every day life as well as during many sports. It also encourages your body to go to places it may not have been before which will increase your flexibility.

The Accumulator is much more flexible than going to a class or keeping an appointment with a personal trainer. It's also more motivating than just buying a DVD. Many DVDs are filmed using models with bodies that seem way out of reach which can be demotivating. There's also nobody to keep you in check with a DVD apart from yourself. You could watch a fitness DVD from the comfort of your sofa whilst munching on snacks and nobody would be there to tap you on the shoulder and remind you why you bought it in the first place. One of the unique elements to The Accumulator is that we keep tabs on your progress all the time. If you don't do your workout we know about it and will be in touch.

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I now have lovely toned arms that feel stronger … I even have little guns!” Emma
“I would not have thought it possible to change my body as much as I have.” Gillian
“The Accumulator™ seems to put me in check and keeps me focussed.” Melanie

“This makes it much more fun than going out to the dreaded gym.

“I have lost a stone and the plan has boosted my self confidence.” Julia

“Even 5-10 minutes can lead to a sweat.” Simon

Paul Mumford
The Nutrition Team
Emily, Laura, Jack and James