The newest chapter to The Accumulator story started in the Summer of 2014 when it's creator, Paul Mumford was approached by international publisher Bloomsbury who saw The Accumulator as something that would make a great book. So later that year work started and The Accumulator book was published worldwide in December 2015.

The book contains a 30 day workout plan that can be done anywhere with no equipment. It follows all the same principles that Paul developed when he started building The Accumulator community at the start of 2014. You will learn fundamental bodyweight movements to improve mobility in everyday life and build greater muscular strength. The HIIT format of The Accumulator works to increase your metabolism and helps burn fat. As well as this...

  • It's very simple to follow.
  • Day one starts with just 1 minute of exercise and grows each day as you become fitter building to a 30 minute high intensity total body workout.
  • All exercises use just your body weight which means you can follow the plan anywhere. In fact you don't need much space at all.

Alongside the workout there are tools to build your motivation, answers to common questions and The Accumulator Healthy Eating Plan that follows the same accumulating template. "I designed The Accumulator Healthy Eating Plan around the way we all eat now", explains Paul. "The choices we make and the food we eat every day revolve around habits. By and large we buy the same food each week, eat at the same times and make the same mistakes. The Accumulator Healthy Eating Plan will help you replace your bad habits with good ones, one day at a time. So by day 30 you will have begun to ditch your bad habits and totally transformed the way you eat".

The Accumulator book is very simple to follow with clear instruction and and lots of lovely photos of our newly extended team that includes Emily, Laura, Jack and James with Paul. Alongside the book you'll be able to access a wealth of special information, articles and videos right here in The Knowledge which will make following the book even easier. You can also join our existing team on-line so you can share your Accumulator progress with everyone else taking part.

The Accumulator book is published by Bloomsbury and you can order your copy here.

The Accumulator™ book is getting some fantastic reviews. Here's what some of it's readers think.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke: "Paul has taken fantastic fitness advice and made it super simple to follow. You start off with just one exercise to focus on and get right, then each day you introduce another and another, gradually increasing volume of work each day. Often, these types of book are aimed at the beginner, but this book really can be used by everyone, from the new exerciser to the gym bunny wanting to get the diet up to scratch and try out a new training programme alongside it".

Lizzie Fallas: "Easy to understand, with easy to follow steps for fitness and health advice, focusing on the whole of your lifestyle to help make a change for good. There is literally something for everyone even if you are a beginner at fitness, this book is a great starting point for anyone! I find though that the best thing is that this fitness regime can be fit around anyone's lifestyle, whether you are a 9-5er shift worker, mother, father or retiree!!! Can't wait to get started and will be definitely be recommending to my friends".

Gillian Anderson: "I was familiar with The Accumulator workout so was eagerly anticipating the publication of this book. I haven't been able to put it down since! It's a really great HIIT workout designed for either beginners or for those with more experience as the book offers 2 versions of every exercise. It has loads of great dietary advice and really great photos and clear instructions, best of all you don't need any equipment and you can do it from the comfort of your own home".

Clare Wait: "This is a must have for people who want to make lifestyle changes. This change can be the most positive step that yourself and family will make for your health and well being. Paul Mumford has been able to put his inspirational ideas on paper and if the individual puts this into practice it will be life changing. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. A must read".

Suzanne Deller: "They say you can’t put a price on convenience and I can only say I wish I’d discovered the Accumulator before signing up for a gym membership. As a part of the workout plan members are invited into a very friendly and welcoming Facebook group, with Paul on hand for any questions or to give you a boost if your motivation is wavering. Perfect if you’re short on time, I’d recommend The Accumulator to anyone who is struggling to fit in their daily dose of exercise".

Firstly allow me to congratulate you on making such a wise purchase. I hope you are enjoying the book so far. The problem is there is so much great stuff I want to share with you that I couldn't fit it all in so I'd like to give you FREE access to loads of extras so you can get the most out of The Accumulator™ book. By becoming a silver member you'll get full access to a section of the website called The Knowledge which includes:

  • Special tutorial videos showing exactly how to do all the exercises featured in the book.
  • Lots of extra articles and information written by me and my team of experts.
  • Access to our library of in depth nutritional information and heaps of healthy recipes.
  • Ongoing support from me whenever you get stuck or need an extra push to keep you going.
  • More information about how you can join the rest of the team who enjoy a brand new workout every month with The Accumulator.

To activate all the extras and become a part of our team, please click here, sign up and I'll email you everything you need to get you going.

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